Image Credit: Peggy Dyer

 Image Credit: Peggy Dyer

Cancellation Policies

I aim to provide you bodywork for the full time requested. Your session length may extend based on the check in prior to the session. Please allow time at the end of your session for an easy transition back into the outside world.




I craft a unique experience for each individual based on what is asking for attention in the moment. Drawing on a variety of techniques listed below, as well as my intuitive approach, and deep listening,  I commit to best serve you and your body's needs with each session.


Integrative therapeutic massage incorporates the use of breath, movement, and sounding to incorporate the body as a whole. Through the principles of holism, mindfulness, and embodiment we co–create a session that seeks to release the body’s holding patterns into a new story of greater ease, mobility, and awareness of breath patterns, and body sensations.


Myofascial Release is a therapeutic technique used to create separation in the layers of the muscle and fascia. This is achieved by slow, sustained stretching which facilitates maximum mobility of the restricted tissues. Increased separation within the layers allows the fascia to function more efficiently and easefully. It is about reminding the body of it’s fluid nature, while supporting its natural structure.


Neuromuscular Massage is a therapeutic approach designed to return equilibrium to the muscle and nerve communication system. Some techniques used to assist a return to balance are: trigger point therapy, pin and stretch, passive positional release, and MET's (muscle energy techniques).


Prenatal & Postpartum offers support for women during their pregnancy as well as up to two years after birth. The session is designed to support the body’s natural healing process, alleviate physical pains that can accompany new motherhood, and provide a place of relaxation. We work with where you are at in the pregnancy to comfortably position you on the table. The benefits of receiving massage to support your journey are: stress reduction, rapid healing, relief from pain, support for breast milk production, and a greater sense of relaxation. 


Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu addresses connective tissue,  joints and the internal flow of energy known as Ki .  This internal movement of energy (Ki) assists in sustaining health. Shiatsu addresses imbalances that can occur within the flow of energy. By addressing these areas of excessive and stagnant energy within the meridians, we are able to return the body to equilibrium. As change happens on an energetic level, it will filter through and impact all aspects of our being. Shiatsu is a holistic approach to the body where the client is clothed in comfortable, moveable clothing.


Vibrational Medicine incorporates the auric fields, and chakras within a session. Through work with these energetic pathways, the client can experience a greater sense of relaxation, ease, and release as the energetic pathway flows freely. Through balancing the energetic body, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies experience greater balance as well.