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Tanja crafts a unique experience for each individual based on what is asking for attention in the moment. Drawing on a variety of techniques as well as her intuitive approach, and deep listening,  she is committed to serve you and your body's needs with each session.



InBodyTherapeutic Deep Tissue  

InBody Therapeutic Deep Tissue sessions are designed to alleviate chronic symptoms of pain and/or decreased range of motion due to injury, postural irregularity, and structural incongruence. My therapeutic sessions focus on slow penetrating contact designed to address all levels of the connective tissue matrix. Through use of advanced myofascial techniques, neuromuscular therapy, zen shiatsu, pin and stretch technique, and trigger point therapy we unwind the chronic patterns and reawaken efficient alignment and balance within the whole being.


InBody Therapeutic Series

To best serve your body’s return to balance and ease. The packages are designed to be scheduled a maximum of 7 days apart. We want to establish a new pattern of health and well-being within the body by reinforcing these pleasurable sensations before the pain pattern returns. The more ingrained the pain pattern; the more frequent the sessions.        

InBody Tranquility

    InBody Tranquility sessions are designed to awaken a refreshing connection to your whole being. I craft a unique InBody Tranquility session for you with my intuition . You can also custom choose a session from the following options: Zen Shiatsu, Vibrational Medicine, Sacred Sound Healing, Swedish massage, Swedish-Escalen style, Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy. Choose the length of session that will best serve to deeply relax and release the stresses of your daily life.