Tanja Asmus, CMT AOS

I have been a client of Tanja’s for a number of years now. During that time I have given more gift certificates for massage than almost any other thing. I am absolutely sure that the receiver of such a gift will be forever enamored by her work.
I consider myself an active receiver of massage. From Esalen to Thailand, Boulder to Bali, Tanja’s ‘sense’ about pressure, timing, pace and position is THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD.
5 stars!
— Chris

I am passionate about creating a nurturing safe space to open each body to its natural healing potential. I envision the body, mind, and spirit as one and strive to integrate what is calling for support. We create a dialogue together so that your body has access to more ease, movement, and health. The benefits of massage extend into all aspects of our lives and can offer a pathway towards integration of the being in it's entirety. You can experience your body as a temple of joy through this greater sense of connection and awareness.


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