Healing Sanctuary

All of your being is welcome here: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies. I create a safe space that allows your body and you to show up authentically in this very moment.  It’s a dialogue between you, your body, and me. We are channeling chaos into new beginnings and possibilities.

We are creating a safe container to increase access and awareness to pleasurable sensations in your body.  Your body and energy tell me where to go and I follow it intuitively. I aim to integrate all pieces and parts of you into a whole being incorporating all feelings and spiritual pieces as well. I get out of the way and drop into an altered space where I am able to channel healing from source.



Designed for Luxury

Massage crosses the boundaries of our differences and allows people to connect with each other from the body. Through this common language, we communicate and connect. Being the first sensation that develops, it allows our souls to commune beyond the boundaries of our individualism and instead see the essence of our oneness. With nurturing connection we send ripples of love, joy, and rejuvenation out into the world to reproduce exponentially.