Tanja Asmus

Image credit: Peggy Dyer

Image credit: Peggy Dyer

I am a Registered Certified Massage Therapist. I graduated in 2008 from Boulder College of Massage Therapy and in 2009 with an Associates of Occupational Studies degree. I have over 1500 hours of training in massage and bodywork. I am Certified in Zen Shiatsu, Prenatal, Postpartum, and Labor Support. My sessions are informed by my certifications above as well as: Integrative massage, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular techniques, and Vibrational medicine.

In addition to my training in bodywork, I received a BA in theatre from the University of Colorado @ Boulder in 1995.  I have 20 years experience facilitating multi-generational communities through the healing capacity of performance. Playing with improvisational theatre forms have complemented my body work and are reflected in my spontaneous approach.

As a therapist I bring my joy of the body expression into every session. I welcome your being into relationship to all its informative senses. As we journey into the body wisdom together, we create a dialogue that supports the process of healing and invites your innate well-being and self-healing capacities to be at their optimum.

I work with the natural movement within the body on all levels. Through addressing all aspects of the being, we create a dynamic, multidimensional, whole being, able to feel and recognize its every sensation. We step into efficient easeful movement opening to joy in the entire system. 


I am passionate about creating a nurturing safe space to open each body to its natural healing potential. I envision the body, mind, and spirit as one and strive to integrate what is calling for support. We create a dialogue together so that your body has access to more ease, movement, and health. The benefits of massage extend into all aspects of our lives and can offer a pathway towards integration of the being as a whole: spirit, body, and mind with open paths of communication between all the levels. You can experience your body as a temple of joy though this greater sense of connection and awareness.